Hodowla Beagle


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This letter was published in a monthly ‘Brac Lowiecka’ no. 8/2005

In March last year we did not have an idea that there is such a magazine az BL ( Brac Lowiecka ). A word ‘badyle’ meant nothing else to us as tree branches with no leaves and ‘zlom’ was just a pile of useless metal. But it all has changed thanks to trial contests.
We are owners of a dog from group 6th FCI, and this dog is a beagle, who is just resting at the sofa at the moment, being unaware that he has got a utility certificate. Apsik knows the woods because he spends there all his free time. I should also add that he reacts to a whistle and according to the law, he wears special lead when he is in the forest.
The first competition we took part in was a disaster. We thought then: we needn’t have wasted our time and needn’t have woken up so early since there are no positive effects of all our efforts. Yet this all made sense! Beside the unsatisfactory competition results we spent a great time in the woods, meet new people, have good fun with a dog. We loved the atmosphere of the event and they way we were received by other participants – those already well experienced ( which is not always so obvious ), judges, organizers and hunters.
After second competition we got what was important to us – the certificate. We could have stopped going to the competitions – we had what we wanted, yet we became really interested in that and so we went for another r competition. And then there were next and next ones…
We believe that PZL ( Polish Hunting Club ) should put all its efforts to encourage owners of hunting dogs to take parts in such competitions. Not everyone knows what to do, not everyone has such luck that will meet passionate people, such as Mr Jerzy Wozniak and Nr Andrzej Jakubowski, who will help, teach, advice and encourage every potential participant. Of course you can ask whether it is worth doing – well, the answer is simple and obvious: taking part even in one competition makes you want to know more about hunting, about the customs in hunters’ environment. Moreover, this curiosity allows you to get more respect towards nature and hunters’ work. And this all was thanks to reading BL. We think that such competitions are great opportunities to promote true nature of the hunting and its valuable traditions.
And the last think – two our our friends, also beagle owners, beacie involved in the competitions and we are thinking abort next ones…And this i sit I guess!


Our dogs are trained by colonel Jerzy Wozniak

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