Trips outside town, walks in the woods are the ways we like to spend our free time. During one such a walk we thought about a dog. Actually why not? It is most often like that – if we think about something we try later to make it come true. And so in 1995 Krecik became member of our family.

We hale this great luck that most of our friends also hale dogs. A small dachshund was not a problem during all kinds of parties, events and trips. We took him with us everywhere. He even had his own pillow by Zosia and Wojtek! And a ball too. And by Malogosia and Ewaryst he slept on Buli’s favourite blankiet.
It was just by them when Krzysztof was looking through David Taylor book and he put tapped his finger on page 27 – and he also said: “ONLY THAT ONE!”. As you can guess we soon became owners of another dog. In 1997 RADAR( because of his funny tail ) joined in our household – his full name: FANTOMAS Beta Plus. So then we had two dogs to take for trips, walks ets.
And so the time for dog shows came. Radar, with great calmness, took part in dog shows. After 3 shows in 3 months he became Polish Junior Champion.
Another crazy idea came to our minds after we visisted our friends in forester’s lodge. Maybe we shall buy a cottage? The dogs ( yes, the dogs! ) would hale a great space to run ( so far we lived in one-room apartment ), and the same time we would have a garden and some grass to mow!
Dog shows were not important now. Krecik and Radar had their own area, now it was them who received the guests.
The time of stability and peace came which was disturbed in 2002.. We moved to another house and…….on GreatSunday we went to Torun. From the town of famous astronomer we came back with no gingerbread  but with Refus – Lulus – HARLEY DWA GANGI. And so it started! Refus turned out to be TYPICAL beagle, with all merits and drawbacks and with all mad ideas.

So now we were taking 3 dogs with us. The ladies in Lednogora ( it is a heritage park near Poznan ) always warmly greeted every new member of our family and everyone in our village knew that we had already 3 dogs. Our friends stopped to thought about us as mad people, they came ot the only right conclusion: “Nothing can help you”. One week before Easter 2003 we went to Torun once again. Of course you can guess what happened….Apsik ( ICE CREAM ENGLISH Matricaria ) – white and gold puppy quickly won our hearts and soon also went with us to Lednogora to show to the nice ladies.
Mrs Basia Meyer, encouraged us to show Apsik. From Nowa Ruda 6.12.2003 to Nowa Ruda 4.12.2004 Apsik became Polish Junior Champion, Polisj Junior Club Winner, Polish Champion. In the meantime he also won the certificate of utility dog in Jary ( 2.10.2004 ).
The same certificate was obtained by our Ambinka ( HOT AMBA ENGLISH MATRICARIA ) in Manow 20th May 2006. And how about Amba? Well, there was another Easter and we again went to Torun to visit ( our friend already ) Basia….