A realny short introduction about a doggie from child stories. A little spotty happy dog.

The first remarks about the breed are known to appeared as early as in 14th century. The beagle has always been a hunting dog. Today he is also a great trail dog as well as a companion dog.

It is a robust dog that likes to work in a pack. He is persistent, full of willfulness and uses his nose very well. He prefers lots of space and company. Yet you must remember he will only be a good companion if you can spend a good amount of time with him and provide him with appropriate training. If you are still keen on that, please keep in mind that you must be keen on all this for 15 years, or maybe even longer.

Every day when it is raining, or you feel like doing nothing or if you have a headache, or if the dog is sick or his show career is over – please keep that in mind. Is it exaggeration? Well, not really. A dog is a living creature. I moralise a bit, but once again: please remember abort then when you pick a swet little puppy. From that point on, you are his master – and this is literally true because his life depends on you – you feed him, you take care of his health, you will bring him up.

You have to do it even if he doesn’t get a champion title and even if his character will not be the one you dream of.

Responsibilty means that we take care of the dog not only because he fulfills our expectations but because we decided to take care of him with all the cosequences.

And the last thing: It is worth doing some allergy test on all family members before you biy a puppy. If your decision is well thought over your doggie will never be a victim of such advertisement: We are looking for a new home….! It is your home that is best for him, and it should be his only one home and it should stay like that till the end of your common adventure.